About Us

Global Studio TCA was formed in 2015 by Jonathan Buckley and Pietro Jarre, supported by a team of senior practitioners (with a collective experience of hundreds of years) from around the world.

Jonathan and Pietro formed Global Studio TCA to provide front line consulting services to companies who need support in developing and achieving their growth goals through technical development and service delivery excellence where business development IS technical excellence.


Pietro Jarre

MSc Eng. PhD

More than 30 years of working experience on the global stage. Twenty years of building teams and international groups of professional companies and global corporate services.

Execution of market plans and support to the growth of revenues from about 800 M$ to about 1200 M$. Grew a group of companies in 10+ countries in Europe and beyond, managing profit and losses, Board of Directors, Joint Ventures, Consortia, client relationships, alliances and suppliers, from 150 to 800 people.

Driven by international market dynamics – natural resources and infrastructures – by passion for building motivated teams in professional organizations to lead change, to lead technical and business innovation, business development and always adopting strict business ethics.

Ten years of technical work as a geotechnical engineer (rock mechanics) on tunnels, underground mines, open pits, quarries, large excavations and heavy foundations – numerical modelling, monitoring plans and systems.

Technical work in environmental engineering on landfills, contaminated sites, brownfield redevelopments.

Jonathan Buckley


Jonathan has over 24 years of front line environmental and engineering consultancy work, all within private practice.

In recent years, this has been operating at senior management level as part of a global corporate business development team leading the urban development, infrastructure and power sectors, working with operations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, South America and USA.

Jonathan specialises in:

  • Urban Development and Infrastructure
  • EPC Client Development Programmes
  • Sector Brand and Marketing
  • Integration of Technical Communities, Technical Development and Innovation into client services
  • Development of Key Client and Major Projects Programmes


We serve all the global regions from our leadership bases in Italy and UK and teams based in Canada, US, Australia, Asia and South America.

Contact Global Studio TCA

If you would like to learn more about what we do, or would like to speak to us about a new project, please get in touch. You can contact Jonathan or Pietro below and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Jonathan Buckley (+44 7932 351536)

Pietro Jarre (Global Studio TCA Italy)