Christa Bedwin and Sola Rosa Tech

Christa Bedwin and her colleagues at Sola Rosa Tech help engineers and technical experts to communicate better. They can help you write and edit reports, articles, and other important documents, and have a variety of writing courses designed for engineering, science, and business writers. They also coach and mentor junior writers — money and time well spent to improve company quality and free senior partners up to focus on technical issues and business development.

Based In Vancouver, Christa has worked with clients located in countries all over the world.

Applied Testing & Geosciences

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC (ATG) is a nationally accredited organisation that provides construction inspection, product and materials testing, manufacturing inspection, and engineering as well as expert geological, hydrogeological and environmental remediation consulting and contracting services to the private sector and other professional organisations.

ATG is based in Philadelphia, USA.

Giorgio Borgonovo

Giorgio understand the systems and the strategy to help companies achieve digital transformation, how to approach emerging technologies and how to learn to use them effectively inside your organisation. Giorgio’s focus is on knowledge management, collaboration and sharing knowledge tools – processes to make people the centre of the cultural change and empower them to lead it.

Giorgio is based in Milan, Italy.

Waste & Chemicals

Waste & Chemicals S.r.l. is a company owned by high-level experts providing consultancy on Chemical Management, Waste management, Waste Legislation, Environmental Legislation, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Permits and Audits. Waste & Chemicals serves its clients (institutional and private organisations) all over the world.

Waste and Chemicals is based in Rome, Italy and continues to work internationally.