We provide services to services to engineering, architectural and environmental consultancy and contracting businesses involved all stages of a projects lifecycle. We are specialised in the following industries:

transport infrastructure
water infrastructure
built environment
power (generation, supply and distribution)
oil & gas

We ensure that client service is at the heart of business growth

The service is provided by a team of senior practitioners who have reached the top of global engineering and environmental consulting firms. We make use of hundreds of years of collective experience from across the globe. The team has led their respective companies to the doubling of revenues in five years to over $1bn US.

Most engineering and environmental consulting practices are built on the ‘seller-doer’ model of technical consultants also being responsible for developing new business. A few employ “sales” people. This can work very well only if there is a clearly defined and roles within the business model.

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Global Studio TCA is a Member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure