Technical Services: a higher level of technical service based around specialist areas in:

  • Improving Sustainability in Infrastructure
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Assessment & Design
  • Geology and Rock Mechanics
  • Remediation

Commercial Services: to move your business into market-dominant positions with higher profits and amplified stable revenue generation:

  • Internationalising Businesses
  • Growth Strategies
  • Organisational Design
  • Business Improvement Programmes
  • Risk & Investment Opportunities
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Policies and Processes for International Markets
  • Training & Development

Examples of Services and Specialisms

Technical Services:

  • Specialist experience in urban development and infrastructure sectors
  • Design review and rating systems for sustainability in infrastructure development
  • Project management and direction of major programmes and projects
  • Design team lead co-ordination and commercial reviews
  • Programme critical technical solutions

Commercial Services:

  • Training in business development and commercial strategies
  • Non-executive director and specialist advisor roles for business development
  • Special projects and interim management
  • Turning businesses around and implementing improvement plans
  • Developing an enterprise culture, key client and major project programmes